Saturday, April 26, 2008

I want this. I want it bad. Here's the link to the site.


I seldom find something I really, really want. I shouldn't spend the money, but then there's that $600 rebate check from the government due in a short while.

This frame isn't cheap, but doesn't it look beautifully made? There's even a little tray for my needle organizer.

I wonder, is it un-American to spend the stimulus payment on a Canadian product? Oh - who cares! I have to decide now if I can part with part of that money. This will keep me up nights if I'm not careful.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The beginning

OK - I have the blog account. I found a skin and made it pretty. I found the place to post. Then I couldn't decide how to start.
Sooo - after a bit of anxiety, I decided to start with a finish. Since this blog will be mostly about my passion for cross stitch, here is my first finish of the year.

Here is Penelope and the Suitors by John Waterhouse. The artwork was charted by Fine Art Cross Stitch.