Saturday, November 14, 2009

Soggy Saturday & Comfort Food!!!!!

Now the UK does like to make a deal of its weather although it could be forgiven cos of the torrential rain and high winds - 100mph off the Needles at the Isle of Wight!!!!! Despite the weather Mand & I visited Avebury and wouldn't you know there were a few US and German visitors there - I think the only day it doesn't have overseas visitors is Christmas Day!!!! The farmer who owns the sheep who were among the stones needs a kick in the proverbial for not taking them inside a barn!!!! The poor things were huddled against a fence and looked most unhappy!!!! This isn't misty-eyed sentimentality but basic animal welfare concern - if the farmer can't look after his animals properly he should give up and go do something else!!!! The same goes for so-called "pet lovers" who put their cats out at night and before anyone jumps up and down getting all excited this is just my view and this is my Big Sis's and my blog kids and we can have our say - so there!!!!! OK - rant over!!!! We got a few early presents in the Henge and Nat Trust shops then retired to the Nat Trust cafe for a much-needed slice of cake and hot chocolate . . . good but I have to say not as good as the Allington Farm Shop cafe last week, and I'm sneaking back next Saturday for a return visit as Mand has to work!!!! And I have a list . . . !!!!! Today I've made roast pork with veggies and hard cider gravy for meals in the week and threw in a rhubarb crumble to use up oven space. For very little effort I've got YUMMMM homecooked comfort food - I don't say this in a smug way (well . . . maybe a little!!) but sad that folks don't seem to cook all that much, preferring what I think is inferior readymade stuff. OK OK - I know there are folks out there who (a) can't or won't cook and (b) don't have the time but I feel they miss out. Still each to their own and I'm just saying what works for me - and my Big Sis come to that!!!! We both like comfort food and it doesn't have to be gourmet, just simple basic food cooked well!!!! Our vacation list is now two pages long and we can't wait!!!! We've declared this weekend a Stitchalong and White Star is coming along very nicely although I'm still stuck in confetti hell but gradually stitching my way out!!!!! Stay warm and dry and keep those brollies handy!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Trip to the Farm Shop!!!!

This was real neat today . . . Mand and I took a trip to our local farm shop which has sure grown in a good way. Both of us remember it years ago as something and nothing but now it is REALLY something!!!! It is run by a local farming family and supplied locally . . . gourmet pantry goods and deli/fresh meat/dairy as well as Somerset eggs from hens allowed to run and scratch and do what hens do naturally. There were beautiful duck eggs too which are excellent for cake-making as well as a very gourmet fruit & veg section with stuff that you don't see in the regular grocery stores - Jerusalem artichokes and celeriac as well as old variety eating apples, all very fresh and good. The little cafe was doing a roaring trade - everything homemade and its homemade cakes were also available in the store as well as homemade frozen casseroles and pies - I bought a beautiful chicken & mushroom pie which will only need a few veggies to go with it to enliven a dark Winter evening!!!! Mand and I treated ourselves to a full English breakfast AND large mugs of hot chocolate. The cafe's menu covered lunch as well as cakes, muffins and brownies along with scones together with a very good breakfast menu. The food was first class as was the service. This is definitely on our list for a return visit and I know my Big Sis would love it!!!! We're almost at our day countdown now for our Grand Christmas Vacation and our list runs to 2 whole pages!!!!! Right now for meals this week I've made cottage pie from scratch with veggies as well as a rather good rhubarb crumble (or crisp for my US readers). Big Sis and I are also having a stitchalong weekend and stitchy readers do feel free to join us!!!!!!