Sunday, September 21, 2008

Playing blog catchup

A lot has happened since my last post.

First - My daughter's wedding. She looked so beautiful and was so happy. We did pictures before the wedding, and I was t
old I could NOT cry, or all my pics would be of me with red eyes and nose. Mom said I could cry at the wedding, not before. Then, down the aisle she comes, and daughter looks right at me, and says, do NOT start crying or I will! First time I ever went to a wedding where I didn't cry, and it was my baby's. It was a wonderful day, but we were all so tired when we got back to the hotel room.

My best friend/adopted sister came from the U.K. for the wedding and stayed the next week for some vacation. To us, that's watching movies, a bit of shopping, cross stitching, taking turns cooking goodies and lots of giggling. We managed it all.

The last day, we thought for a treat, we'd get some breakfast at MacDonalds. Bad idea. We both got food poisoning. I was sick enough, but in the comfort of my own bathroom. Sis was sick at 40,000 feet over the Atlantic! I missed the better part of the next week at work and have sort of been playing catch up ever since. Not to mention, my tummy still isn't back to totally normal. We both survived though, but have taken MacDonalds off our list in the future!

The newlyweds headed out to Colorado to visit a friend of the grooms who couldn't make the wedding. They got back home to Houston a week before Hurricane Ike. I was such a wreck that Friday night, as they decided to ride out the storm as the mayor advised. I'm relieved to say they came through with no more than being without power for a week. They were lucky, as they are quite close to the downtown area. My son-in-law, who thought that a hurricane would be the coolest thing, says never again. Next time they leave. Thank God.

Lastly, is what I just found in my email inbox. This is Naomi, my newest granddaugter, who won't be born for another 3 months! My son tells me this is a 3-D ultrasound. I never knew there was such a thing. It was what my daughter-in-law wanted for her birthday.

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