Saturday, December 5, 2009

Home for the Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it sure is a grey raw day here in the UK but that's OK cos I'm getting ready to fly out to my Big Sis for the holidays - YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Three glorious weeks of hanging out, chilling, laughing, movies and food - oh yeah and stitching!!!!!! I'm packed ready to go, just need to defrost the crumpets I'm taking over, otherwise I'm ready!!!!! We plan an EXTRA good time this year and our list runs to two full pages - we have a long list for Blockbuster as well as the movies we've bought and of course Big Sis's extensive movie collection!!!! A Harry Potter marathon is a must along with MAYBE a LoTR marathon . . . it's SOOOOO cozy to sit stitching looking out at a snowy day with a couple of good movies and sipping hot chocolate, maybe a casserole in the oven and some sourdough bread proving slowly on the counter!!!!! We have SOOOO much to be thankful for and we both are . . . you don't need to go very far these days to find folks who are worse off than you. Having said that, Big Sis and I do donate to charity in recognition of appreciation for what we do have. And some folks have said to me how come I still get excited about flying over to my Big Sis . . . well I AM excited!!!!! I'm bouncing around here and it seems to me there would be something wrong if I wasn't!!!!! I LOVE flying out to be with my Big Sis and it's such a HUGE wonderful thing!!!!!!! I wish everyone a happy and peaceful holiday season and especially happy stitching!!!!!!!


Sheri said...

I can't wait to see Sis, but she's also bringing crumpets.....yum, crumpets. I can't get them at any of my stores and I love them. See you soon sis!

Branlaadee said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday and dropped by to see if you had written and I had missed it! Now here you are!

I agree...why wouldnt you be excited about your vacation??!! I cant wait to hear about the adventures you two go on. Please be sure to stop by now and then and give us a peak.

I grew up very, very poor. We had no electricity or running water and lived way back in the redwoods of CA. My mom still always helped out those less fortunate. She'd make big dinners and feed other families. We always gave to the Salvation Army or food banks. She always said that since we "had" and others didnt, it was our duty to share. It has always stuck with me. Glad to see I am not alone.

Joysze said...

Have fun, you two... and take lots of pics for us. ^.^