Monday, March 15, 2010

And Spring Is Here . . . Well, Just!!!!!!!

Now I think Spring has finally woken up both sides of the pond although he's kind of elusive right now, just teasing us with little sightings here and there of patches of warm sunshine and in the UK, crocus and snowdrops and daffodils all ready to burst out. Even the buds on the trees are fattening up, ready to pop in another three weeks or so when the warmer weather really arrives!!! I know where Big Sis is it's grey and cold today, despite the mild weather and sunshine they had last week - with snow on the ground!!!! Now I love Spring . . . they said when I was a child that I'd change and love the Autumn cos you can wait for Spring many a weary day but Spring holds such promise and is SOOOO welcome after Winter's dark cold days. It is a renewal in every sense . . . folks are badly in need of warm sunshine and seeing some color around, not to mention a change in diet from heavy Winter comfort food to something lighter . . . something to cleanse the system and act like a tonic which is where fresh herbs added to salad greens are very effective - fresh marjoram and chervil if you're lucky enough to get hold of some, along with fresh chives and good old parsely!!!! Big Sis and I have been beavering away on our stitching projects and these are coming along nicely!!! She tells me that a lot of crafters are concerned that no younger folks are stitching now - that's a real shame cos WE NEED MORE STITCHERS!!!!!! Actually if folks disengaged from Facebook once in a while and looked about themselves they might discover a whole new world (did I say that out loud????!!!!) But then each to their own!!!!! Big Sis and I are now in single week figures for our vacation countdown and of course the US Daylight Savings Time has now kicked in - I can hear the groans people!!!!! Not to worry, it's the UK's turn in a couple of weeks time then we'll be grumbling over here!!!! I've never seen the sense in messing with the time change although doubtless lots of folks far cleverer than me will shake their heads but all it does is make folks crabby cos they're tired from losing an hour's sleep and that leads to more accidents and . . . I could go on but you get the point!!!! Right now it's back to stitching for me - have a good week everyone and happy stitching!!!!!!

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Branlaadee said...

I guess that's one of the lucky things about living in CA...we always have fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables.

We definately need more stitchers. I stitch in public as often as I can and always look around and smile at people who are watching me. I answer all their questions and let the kids even touch it. I hope that by doing so, I can inspire someone to join me. It's a shame that all the stitching shops are going out of business and all the big chain stores are limited their stitching supplies....but I still wont give up my Facebook! LOL