Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Grey November Afternoon . . .

It's a grey November day here in the UK and I think folks are sweeping up after the high winds earlier in the week!!!! Fortunately where I am there was minimum damage for which I am very thankful!!! Still it wasn't fun driving to work on the freeway and my little car sure was buffeted about by the wind - not to mention the idiot drivers (mostly male!!!!) who seem to think they can whizz by at 96,000,000 mph in treacherous wet conditions . . . !!!! It's a cold grey November day too where my Big Sis is and I think it's crumpet weather all round!!! All very conducive to stitching in a warm cozy living room, something good on tv and something good baking in the oven!!! Today it's roast chicken with good old mash, gravy, buttered carrots and savoy cabbage - may seem pedestrian to some but it does me all right. With my Big Sis's patented apple salad for dessert - crisp slices of Cox apples mixed with dried cranberries and either pecans or walnuts then bound with either plain yoghurt or creme fraiche - this is a cheeringly YUMMMM meal. I've watched a few of the Nigella Kitchen episodes but I don't really take to her style, being more of a Delia Smith/Ina Garten cook with just a dash of Jamie Oliver!!!! I'm happy to watch Michael C on the Food Network when I'm visiting my Big Sis as well as Giada (although she does harp on about chocolate a tad too much!!!!) but that Robin Miller can be a tad scary but just my two cents!!!! When cooking for my Big Sis I have a tendency to say things are "gettin' happy" in the pan which means I've been watching too much Emeril!!!!! White Star is almost finished now and I can't wait for my Big Sis to see this then we have to decide what kind of frame it will look best in - whatever, it will be BIG!!!! I think more folks should stitch - it gets rid of a shedload of stress and you have something decorative at the end of it and a sense of achievement. Happy stitching to all the stitchers out there - we need more of you!!!!!!

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