Saturday, July 18, 2009

A change to my blog

As you may have noticed from the post before, I've added my sis to the blog. She's a bit shy about having her own blog. She was worried she'd have a bad day, go on a major rant about her job, and get fired. I promised her I'd moderate her posts so that won't happen! (It wouldn't anyway, but now she won't worry!)

My Sis. Now, so no one gets confused here, let me explain. She's not my biological sister. She should be, though. Our theory is the stork had a bad night, and got a bit off course. She was left with a very lovely couple in England, but she was supposed to be left with MY parents. Well, done is done now. We've found each other and my folks have 'adopted' her. While we don't live in the same place, we talk and email every day. She even visits me in Michigan 3 times a year. (I know, I'm bad for not visiting her, but I don't fly.)

So, when you read our various posts, so you don't get confused, read sis' posts with a British accent, as she will post from England's west country. Read mine with a Mid-western accent from the United States. Trust me, it will all make much more sense that way!


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