Saturday, June 12, 2010

An Overdue Update

Yes I know it's been a while since I posted but I was kind of busy with a much-needed vacation with my Big Sis then recovering from the jetlag on my return AND having to head back to work!!! We're on countdown for September now and in the meantime I thought I'd update with some food items. First up is the pic of turkey lasagne - nice lean ground turkey quickly sauteed with red onion then mixed with some rather good tomato-chianti pasta sauce then layered up with pasta sheets and store-bought
three-cheese sauce to which I added some extra ricotta then the whole lot dusted with parm. It sure smells good in my kitchen!!!! I also tried out a bean & tomato salad from the Eating Well mag/site. This should really be made with heirloom tomatoes but I had to make do with good quality grocery store ones - slice up the tomatoes, mixed with blanched green beans and add a drained can of whatever beans you like if you want along with thinly sliced halfmoons of red onion. Whisk up some cyder vinegar, runny honey and a little olive oil and seasoning, pour over and chill and run it up the flagpole!!!! As I like beets (Big Sis doesn't) I made a beet salad with toasted pecans and crumbled soft goat cheese with just a drizzle of sweet aged balsamic dressing. Again this should really be made with yellow and red beets but all my store had today were red but it sur tastes YUMMM!!!! *drum roll please - DRRRRRRR!!!!* Now I am VERY happy to announce I am now the proud owner of a crossstitch floor stand - GO ME!!!!! This is the same as the one Big Sis has and I've hummed and haaaed about getting one for the last year or so. It's from Hearthside Crafts (thanks to John and Helen) who are based in Canada and is handmade, designed to fit over a recliner chair. Delivery was extremely quick given that it was from Canada and I'm just waiting for the recliner I bought to be delivered then it will be fitted together and away I'll go. This will be brilliant for White Star as this project is getting very heavy now on a Qsnap. Of course I hope the recliner isn't too comfortable else I might be tempted to snooze instead of stitch!!!!!! I hope wherever you are the sun is shining and you're enjoying a well-deserved restful weekend - happy stitching!!!!!

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Branlaadee said...

the lasagna looks great! I just recently started cooking fresh beets for the first time and me and my husband just love them!

congrats on your recliner and floor stand. You'll have to share a picture when you have them both.