Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stitch Frame!!!!!

At last I've assembled my wonderful stitching floor stand (thanks to Hearthside Crafts in Canada and my family LOL!!!!) and White Star is on the scroll rods!!!!! It sure makes a difference as it was getting very heavy to hold on the Qsnaps. I'm still waiting for my recliner to be delivered and have a little chair to use right now. The recliner will go right next to the armchair and I just won't know myself!!!! I have to say when assembling the floor stand you do need two people so that you can hold the pieces properly and get them flush with each other before tightening the screws, etc. But otherwise it was a breeze!!!! I have a tiny apartment (someone once called it a bijou shoebox!!!) but that's OK - less to clean and more time for stitching!!!!!! Here in this part of the UK it's sunny with a few clouds but a chilly breeze!!! I know my Big Sis's weather has been hot and humid - they had lots of rain recently and standing water gives rise to mozzies - EEEEEKKK!!!! While we have a few of these pesky critters over here, nothing like what other places have. Yesterday I made my version of my Big Sis's cherry chicken in the crockpot . . . skinless boned chicken thighs diced along with half a can of pitted morello cherries and a handful of dried sour cherries. To this I added a packet of dried onion soup mix and about half a pint of chicken stock along with a little seasoning and a pinch of dried thyme. This was YUMMMM although I wouldn't use canned cherries again. I put runner beans with it and of course mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, noodles, couscous or rice would go very well!!!! Today is Little Sis's burger day . . . good quality beefburgers with thick grilled onion slices on toasted buns with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and good blue cheese mayo and nice burger relish or pickle (although I know "pickle" in the US means dill pickle or sweet pickles which are something different to UK relish). Some nice seasoned oven fries will go very well too!!! I wish we could get wonderful two-tone fresh corn that I've had when visiting my Big Sis - all we get in the UK is yellow corn which is tough and not very sweet even when bought from a farmstand!!! Big Sis thinks this is just field corn and we're being shortchanged!!!! The caramel macchiatto creamer I brought back has all gone now but I'll be bringing double back in September now that I know it survives the trip!!!! Right now it's back to my stitching frame - happy stitching everyone!!!!!

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Branlaadee said...

Congrats on the stitching frame. It must be a big relief on your arms not having to hold your project.