Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunny Saturday in the UK

Yes I know it's kind of strange but at last the UK is seeing some sunshine - or at least this part of the West Country is!!!! Let me explain. For the last week or more it's been wall-to-wall thick grey clouds, strong winds and bucketing down rainstorms. Not nice to look out at, even worse to drive in on the freeway. However today has been sunny (although a bit breezy) and I'd almost forgotten what that blue stuff behind the clouds is - oh yeah, sky!!!! Now today my Big Sis is celebrating a family day - I would have travelled over but it's just too long a hop across the pond for a weekend!!! *grumps* Never mind, I've been stitching up a storm as well as making a lemon meringue pie for my friend Mandy who visited this morning - Big Sis isn't keen on lemon meringue pie. If I say as much myself, it was seriously YUMMM!!!!! I must say both Big Sis and Mandy are very rewarding to cook for - when Mandy arrived this morning I was elbowed aside with a cry of "You've been BAKING - wonderful!!!!!" Her (large!) slice disappeared in a wink and it never ceases to amaze me how something as simple as a homemade goody can bring such pleasure judging from her blissful smile!!! As well as entertaining this morning I've been stitching AND made a sausage casserole for the week with mashed potatoes. That along with salads should see me through the week for dinners - believe me after a day's work then half an hour's drive on the freeway I have to use to get to/from where I work I do NOT want to turn to and start cooking!!!! Apologies to those readers who travel farther to their place of work but it's all relative!!! Um . . . green melons were on sale today at the grocery store - these are pielo del sapo green skinned ones, a little like the honeydew variety but bigger and extremely YUMMM. I got two and feel very smug gazing in the fridge at the large bowl of melon chunks. As you may have gathered, good food is very important to me along with stitching!!!! Which reminds me, time for some more strawberries then back to stitching!!

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Branlaadee said...

Lemon meringue pie reminds me of my grandmother. She makes the most delicious lemon pie! I am not a big meringue fan, so I always scooped that off and just had the lemon filling and the wonderful homemade pie crust!

I am on the search for the perfect dessert for family dinner night tomorrow. Enjoy your sunny day!