Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Rainy UK Saturday

Yes it is rainy in this part of the UK (south west for those who care about such things) and thankfully the snow has melted away. We did not get quite as bad snow/ice as other parts of the country but bad enough to make the journey to/from work even more of a whiteknuckle ride than usual!!!! However today I am profoundly grateful for where I live and what I have (especially my Big Sis!!!!) and that Big Sis and everyone I know is safe, warm and has food. Our daily grumbles/problems pale beside what those in Haiti are dealing with. I have donated - to animal charities as well as people charities - and feel the most positive thing I can be is grateful for what I have. Today is eggplant parm day and it has turned out rather good - this is a baked egged and crumbed eggplant rather than fried then covered with pasta sauce and mozzarella before baking. To use up oven space I made a cheese & onion quiche and an apple sponge - UK Bramley (or cooking) apples are at their best right now AND cheap. All good yummmmmy food for the weekend and coming week supplemented with fresh soup and toast for minimum effort *allows self a small preen* Right now it's time for stitching and White Star is coming along nicely although getting a tad heavy as it's a big piece!!!! Tomorrow I declare to be a PJ & Stitchalong Day - do join Big Sis and me if you can!!!!!

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Branlaadee said...

Went and peaked at your White Star and she's looking wonderful! Maybe I'll join the two of you in the PJ stitchalong tomorrow!